Hey Rito

An issue I’m running into since our call together is in regards to choosing affiliate offers.

What I was able to discern was that even though certain offers may be a good fit for our list, it may not convert well based on two factors:

  1. Market Saturation – How long the product has been  available in the marketplace.
  2. Conversion Data – You also pointed that certain products though might convert well a particular traffic source may not convert well with my traffic source which is mostly email media.

I have 2 questions for you.

  1. Is my analysis correct?
  2. What’s the best way to ensure I select a product that is going to convert for my list from either click bank, jvzoo or some of the other private affiliate programs.


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Your analysis is correct to a certain degree.

No product is ever truly saturated. I got an Inbox Blueprint sale even though the product’s been out for YEARS and beaten to crap in ads over and over.

So don’t worry too much about market saturation UNLESS the person you’re buying clicks from – has mailed about that offer to his list multiple times in the past.

For choosing a offer – your best bet is asking the person you’re buying clicks from. They understand their list better than you so let them make the judgement call.

And finally – TEST.

Don’t just test one product. If one product doesnt work, then choose another offer.

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