Quick question about shopify Facebook ads scaling.

1. If no 2roas, do we duplicate to next level?
2. Do we create LLA in level 3 beside retarget audience? ATC and VC only about 80 and 700 for me now.
3.I had been scaling for 2 days, and I current at level 2. Only 2 ads set have 2x rosa. Is it normal? Or I should have more?

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Hey John,

  1. No, we don’t. We pause that ad set. We duplicate only those with > 2 ROAS.
  2. Focus on LLA after you’ve had about 100 purchases. Retargeting audience will be created much earlier. In fact, from like Day #2 or 3
  3. That is perfectly normal. Find more targeting audiences. Generally, if you try about 15 audience combos, you’re able to find 1-4 good ad sets. Scale those



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