Hi, Rito!

My name is Zoran Pavlovic and I’m from Serbia (ex Yugoslavia).

I work as a clinical hypnotherapist for the last 20 or so years. (my Hypno site)

Now is right time to present my knowledge to as many people as possible

Anyhow, for last few months (14 +) I’ve studied many “Gurus & I.M.Preachers” on the subject of “Instant Internet Success” and have learned a lot of nice theories, but as you said in one of your videos: “Nothing will happen until I do something myself”

So it’s time for me to finally do SOMETHING

Anyway, I’d like to present my problem …

I already have most of the gear you’re using yourself (thrive themes & MM) and now I need help with technically setting up my membership site: “USPEH365”

Within next few days, I’ll finish creating funnel pages and record necessary videos (vsl, order bump, & upsell vsl), but …

I need help with connecting MM with LMS & Autoresponder (you’ve recommended Learndash & Sendlane) and setting up products, bundles, membership levels, etc.

Well, this letter is probably too long already, but …

I had to scream out my problem

With regards,
Zoran Pavlovic C.Ht.

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Hey Zoran,

Thank you for sharing your story with us and I’m excited to see how you create and sell your membership site.

When you’ve set up your membership funnel and site…

  1. Download this document: sendlane-mm
  2. Rename it from .txt to .php in your computer.
  3. Open in a text editor, and change the first few values (your Sendlane API key, Subdomain etc.) – all these are available inside your SendLane account.
  4. Upload the .php file to your webhosting

And then the rest of the instructions are in the Bizathon Course video where I integrate MM with SL.

Let me know if you face any issues.

Thank you 🙂

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