Hi Rito,
let me ask you a one maybe unusual question. On the membership site, I’m building I want to have 3 day trial period and then monthly content, and that’s something pretty usual, isn’t it.

But …

My problem with this project is this: Monthly content that comes after the trial, “ABSOLUTELY MUST START ON MONDAY” because this “content” has a lot to do with our personal perception of days of the week. Psychological content 🙂 …

So numbers of days when access is granted(as usual drip content in MM) are not the right solution in this case. (Or I don’t see how to use it in this case)

My question is this: Is there any way to make “drip content” always start exactly on Next Monday, without regard that trial period has ended any day in the previous week?

Thank you in advance,
Zoran Pavlovic

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Hi Zoran,

That is an interesting question.

In order to achieve that, you would have to manually edit the member’s JOIN DATE as shown in this video:

I think you can get something coded that works with MM API and automatically changes the user’s join date to the nearest Friday.

Hope that helps,


  • Zoran P
    Thank you, very much Rito! Zoran P.
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Thank you, very much Rito!

Zoran P.

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