Good afternoon Ritoban,

Thank you so much for your YouTube Channel, I subscribed, liked and posted my comments on many of your contributions. You were the first eCommerce YouTuber to share your PayPal issues on the subject of Shopify.

I am waiting to clarify the payment receiving issues I have foreseen before I activate the 14 day trial on Shopify:

  1. I am based in Jamaica please advise which payment receiving options are available on Shopify?
  2. I currently do not have a U.S. bank account but I do have a Payoneer credit card do you have experience with this method?
  3. Is it necessary or possible to add ClickBank to my Shopify store? This option allows for payments to be received through Payoneer, but ClickBank is not listed on Shopify’s payment platforms.
  4. Have you had any setbacks once you registered your company in the U.S. with Delaware Inc.?

Thanks in advance,

Kofi Asante

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