Hi Rito,

I’m about to start my online business and I’m Broke. (Worst, actually yet Determined to change that)  I seem to keep my financial temperature at a low point 😉

I wanted to ask a few question.

  1. Out of the 3 Bizathons that you have created, what would you recommend to start with first as a new person in the industry? To give someone the best chance for success in this industry.
  2. Out of the 3 Bizathon that you created, Which one provides most wealth in 30 days? (I know that Biz #3 is not completed (day 20) yet you have over $2K)
  3. Do you feel that all 3 Bizathons, can be done all at once?

I’m working on my Online Business FULL Time Starting today (Oct 20, 2017) and I know that all Bizathons are important for my business. So I’m thinking that I will do all 3 Bizatons at the same time, step by step, one after the other, each day, for 30 days.

So This is my Challenge. To cure my Shiny ball Complex, I’m going to only juggle 3 balls or Bizathons, being that my online business is my main Focus NOW! 🙂


Cheers and Thanks for the DOer Club 🙂

Craig G. Lewis

PS I want to build a Membership Guide and help guide people through my site to your program and then onto my Affiliate Program with MOBE http://bit.ly/MOBEDoers

I can see GREAT things coming together, A Great Educational System that brings the BEST of Training, Programs, Platforms, and Products to Assist Others to become Successful. 🙂

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Since you’re already a MOBE affiliate, I can tell you a lot of people have made interesting email funnels using solo ads (Bizathon 1) for promoting MOBE.

However – since practically EVERYONE knows what MOBE is – unless you have a really “great” backend autoresponder sequence, it’ll be tough.

Shopify is also a simple model but requires investment from your side to test ads.

Whatever route you do decide to take – I suggest putting all your focus on just ONE – and not all three Bizathons.

Make that choice and stick to it.

All the best


  • Craig L
    Thanks for your Reply Rito. Yes best to focus on one First. I’m thinking Shopify to get things started Looking forward to seeing the end results for #3 Bizathon :) Cheers.
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